University relations by multinational corporations are a hot cup of tea. Why?

In the twentieth century, multinational organizations have developed and created in a vast scale that now they are a piece of our day by day lives. From the cellular telephones, to the everyday corrective items we use, from the autos we drive to the fuel that keeps it running, from the PCs to the programming projects on their hard circle and even from the espresso we toast the fast food we eat, a large portion of the items we utilize are supplied by multinational companies. Their vicinity and noteworthiness in our lives are irrefutable realities yet they likewise have different impacts on more critical performing artists, in large scale levels. Today multinational companies are not just creation focuses that supply essential and business products to us. They have developed to such a degree, to the point that they begin to go about as economic, political and also an influential actor.

Today numerous multinationals are extremely powerful institutions and have assets far in overabundance of the greater part of the country states on the planet. These enterprises are keeping on developing in significance. They have incorporated the world economy more broadly than any time in recent memory in the past and they have taken worldwide financial reliance past the domains of exchange and cash into the range of mechanical generation. Their coordinating monetary force advances to an impact that can even impact political and financial relations between country states. The extent of their business exercises requires monetary force as well as political one to control and control country state’s issues and relations. These monster enterprises end up being force focuses that can impact global associations, country states, relations among them and local undertakings of their own nations of origin.

The need of the universities and multinational corporations in building relationship is abundantly required in today’s time as it is advantageous for both by producing occupation. In this worldwide period, as opposed to concentrate on India, the inquiry ought to be whether the world needs such a large number of architects. The answer is a major, “yes.” Is there a requirement for researchers? The answer is once more, “yes.” The world needs in bounty all around prepared, skilled graduates with the right state of mind. There are openings for work for the individuals who have the potential. Likewise, open doors for independent work are additionally bounty for inventive and fiery personalities. Both universities and the multinational companies always build a good relation as it is a PR strategy for both as they feature as a brand for each other. So it’s a hot cup of tea for both the university and Multinational Corporation.

The worldwide working environment is quickly evolving whereby, before, laborers went to their business to perform an assignment. Presently, the work environment is changing into a spot in which laborers both work and learn as associations change themselves into learning associations. As learning associations, firms profit a continuous business related preparing to all circles of job, benefit data and assets, animate the trading of thoughts, and reward workers to increase crisp aptitudes. Firms have been always contributed gigantic assets in order to benefit instructive administrations to their representatives. This is in accordance with the rising new economy driven by innovation. Without further ado, firms are reevaluating the way in which they embrace business as an approach to upgrade profitability and the nature of their items and stay aggressive inside of the quickly evolving environment. Associations have understood that interest in human capital through preparing and advancement conveys improved returns.


Author: Kaustubh Sankhyadhar



Measurement of the Success for Communication – Before and Now

Generally there volumes with a trend throughout marketing and verbal exchanges environments throughout building places, such as important insurance policy improvements considerably escalating this relevance associated with verbal exchanges regarding advancement throughout attaining current advancement targets, and a number of innovative strategies involving professionals in order to verbal exchanges inside the advancement wording. Advertising environments became available using popular liberalization associated with marketing generally speaking and associated with broadcasting especially. The air choice may be revolutionized. TV set, especially by means of satellite, has grown increasingly pervasive, actually involving inadequate towns. Print marketing get mushroomed. Most of the people throughout building places right now acquire information on conditions affect their day-to-day lives via many resources. Brand new verbal exchanges systems, specially the web and mobile telephony, get changed verbal exchanges behavior.

Although mostly this preserve on the midst type, urban-oriented client, these inventions are now being increasingly used on the advancement wording, so coordinating with this broader improvements inside the marketing landscaping to generate much more networked, width wise hooked up communities, throughout pointed distinction towards the vertically hooked up communities associated with simply a decade ago. Most of these and also other improvements, especially this increase associated with increasingly lively, structured and networked municipal community movements, get mainly altered just how men and women throughout building places accessibility info and produce their voices read with regards to problems and choices which affect their day-to-day lives; they have exerted tremendous affect about interpersonal norms and specific habits; they have offered new approaches regarding citizens to hold their governing bodies in order to bill, and regarding governing bodies to supply info which their citizens will need.

However, even though lots of the results associated with more wide open, democratic and packed marketing environments are already positive, various concerns stay. Brand new spaces get come forth concerning non-urban and metropolitan populations, between your inadequate and non-poor, customers and non-consumers, not merely this well-documented “digital divide”, and also a lot broader disparities throughout entry to info and possibilities regarding expression. Without a doubt, in several communities, this poorest have found by themselves increasingly, rather than decreasingly, marginalized via arguments around the conditions affect these individuals one of the most. Most up to date advancement insurance policy sets about the fact advancement interventions operate greatest whenever they are seated throughout nearby possession, when men and women have a very speech throughout improvements which affect these individuals, and once citizens holds governing bodies while others throughout capacity to bill.

From this track record, conversation regarding development identifies a new arranged conversation method in which advances cultural improvements through talk, knowledge-sharing, and engagement. One of several apps are generally:  Trade regarding data, expertise, suggestions and valuations among persons and towns.  Campaign regarding citizens’ engagement and local community empowerment.  Advocacy in the direction of policy-makers and judgment commanders in support of certain strategies, software programs, procedures and reforms. 3. Throughout the world explained ambitions, symptoms and targets the actual MDGs don’t specifically deal with conversation regarding development, having established absolutely no targets or perhaps symptoms regarding conversation and media development. Communications dimension assists companies in order to measure on-line regarding powerful inside conversation (which is usually important yet generally overlooked). What’s more, it assists inside communicators rationalize and attain ample source.

Varieties of Way of measuring

Identifying that areas of inside conversation in order to evaluate is dependent upon the particular corporation’s certain business and conversation ambitions. Some samples of helpful sales and marketing communications size include things like:

  • Baseline conversation dimension. Previous to conversation, evaluate; active expertise, perceptions and behaviors regarding personnel, together with figuring out the existing data obtainable, the way uncomplicated it truly is to uncover, the latest sales and marketing communications programs obtainable and to identify other variables influencing perceptions and behaviors.
  • Well-designed conversation dimension. Carrying out a conversation or perhaps plan, sensible areas of conversation need to be scored. Side by side comparisons to the baselines size are helpful. More methods may include; the telephone number and sorts of emails delivered, timing regarding emails, and message cut-through and attain, station efficiency and appeal, audience pleasure together with articles (types, quantity etc.).

Things to Gauge – Testing Impact. Testing the particular effect regarding conversation is a important phase and methods may include:

  • Target audience perception size as well as variables for instance: % and sorts of emails obtained and sales and marketing communications thought of. Have been emails seen as applicable, reliable and credible? Have been the particular emails comprehended? The way nicely perform personnel feel they are being reinforced? Perform personnel realize what exactly needs to take place caused by the particular communication(s)?
  • Transform throughout Behavior. The reason for most inside conversation is to change the particular perceptions and behaviors regarding personnel. Thus, it truly is beneficial to spot and evaluate variables for instance: What exactly transformed? Has been generally there about of a conduct? What is now unique?
  • Effect on business ambitions and results. Communication dimension should allow Internal Communicators in order to measure the particular effect regarding sales and marketing communications in business ambitions. For instance: The quantity of personnel whom subscribed to reveal plan (following it’s promotion); The actual move throughout perceptions with regards to customer service as well as the projected effect regarding improved client maintenance; The quantity of workable recommendations submitted through a workforce suggestion motivation (and the particular fiscal importance of the people suggestions)
  • Isolating the particular effect regarding inside conversation. Communication doesn’t take place inside a vacuum and it is often hard in order to isolate the particular effect regarding conversation versus other variables (incentive systems, new solution commences, variables outer to the organization and for that reason on). Probable options include things like: Communications management teams (isolating a group, for example a sole remote location, but not speaking all of them in regards to certain motivation or perhaps goal, subsequently taking a look at the way his or her measures alter from teams you’ve got disseminated with); Assessing the particular change throughout conduct with regards to a small business goal that was disseminated nicely, versus a small business goal together with little if any conversation; Approximate the particular % effect regarding sales and marketing communications versus other influencing variables.
  • Establishing the particular fiscal importance regarding inside conversation. Information from the fiscal importance regarding conversation can, with finest, always be quotes. On the other hand, it truly is even now an essential section of conversation dimension because it starts a new dialogue together with mature managers as well which enable it to demonstrate the particular enormous importance regarding powerful inside conversation. Think about the effect associated with a powerful inside turmoil conversation result. A comparison can be made versus a predicament (internally or perhaps within a related organization) that has not been handled as well, and quantifiable importance attributed to variables for instance: Volume of shoppers retained; Preservation regarding great workers whom could possibly in any other case have gone.

The actual criteria and actions listed below are thought as in the opportunity regarding conversation.

  • Total salary over head
  • Travel and bills Coaching,
  • Learning and development
  • HR and recruitment
  • Supplies and miscellaneous
  • Contractors and momentary workers
  • Consultants Click business office
  • Public matters
  • Internal conversation
  • Corporate conversation
  • Strategic consultancy
  • Branding
  • Research and Examination
  • PR promotions Events/conferences/exhibitions
  • Publications and printing
  • Advertising media
  • Advertising creation
  • Digital conversation
  • Direct and relationship advertising
  • Sponsorship and collaboration advertising
  • Storage and fulfilment

The actual checklist need to be used as being a checklist whenever putting together the results to make certain most applicable workers and expenses are generally captured. More descriptive descriptions from the criteria and pastime regarding reporting prices are given following the opportunity. The actual descriptions are generally always extensive to ensure most companies can road his or her pastime to the descriptions.


Author: Samiksha Sanghi



It is a known fact that the code of conduct was created by Hutchins commission in 1947, with the intention of bringing stability and discipline in the industry. It wanted to ensure the responsible person should not take advantage of their power and always keep the welfare of the consumers. The initiative and the motto looks impressive from outside but the point to be noted is how far has the authority been successful in devising suitable codes and implementing it. If you go through their website and other sources, you will find hundreds of codes which focus on different areas. If you read through them carefully, you will observe that they have made a descent attempt to cover all possible unethical behaviour. But it is also true that in spite of such framework, unethical practices still prevail in that industry.  News channels try to expose different scams within or outside the industry for TRP. However these scams push the audience to question existing code of conduct. It starts the thought process of the change/revision required for an effective code of conduct. Being a viewer, I am also instigated to think if the code of ethics which is one of the pillars of media industry requires revision.

In the recent past, the number of media channels and newspapers has increased drastically. These channels support the political parties of their own interest. The point to be noted is that the political leaders themselves own a newspaper or a channel. Ultimately, this puts the common man in confusion of which channel or paper is providing them the right information of the facts. This situation has to be changed. An amendment has to be made in the act stating that the political leaders or their associates shouldn’t own media and it should also be amended that the media shouldn’t support any political party. Only then, the public will get the genuine information about the happenings in the country. This will even help the public take a right decision while electing their representative.

In this TRP-ridden market scenario the Media houses (also the corporates that pay them) are ready to forego their ethics in order to increase their ratings. In such a situation the thin line between truth and reality will be blurred. Opinions can be engineered accordingly to the highest bidder a phenomenon known as “paid news” where news agencies and media houses can be paid to “influence” opinions, which in turn allows them to influence society with impunity. Certain political parties is fund certain media channels and newspapers in order to upstage their political rivals. It is a two way traffic where the political parties are more concerned about slugging each other out rather than serving the public, and in the end it is the general populace that loses ultimately. So, in my opinion apart from revising the code of conduct for media, the media should regulate itself to act responsibly.


Author: Arjun Das


With corporates owning or buying media houses, how credible is the news now and does it pose a threat to the future of democracy?

Corruption and corporate ownership of media houses are now a widespread phenomenon. What often is a point of discussion among the critics is that in a democratic setup there’s a shift of communicative power from public sphere to a more autocratic sphere ruled by the corporate world which leads to the abuse of media power. If corruption prevails in the society, it would be improbable to expect the media to be free of corruption. India is the world’s largest democracy. A dynamic and committed mass media forms the threshold to a fairer democracy in the country. The absolute most essential motivation to oppose media possession by corporate proprietors gets specifically from predominant dreams of majority rules system. Article 19 of the Constitution of India gives the privilege to the right to speak freely and expression to all subjects of the nation and to the media too.
In recent years, corruption in the Indian media surpassed the corruption of individual journalists and specific media organizations. In India, while much of private media seem to heavily burrow from the West, bringing along with it all the obligatory issues, a development of recent times has also been in form of paid news, a practice where those who can afford, pay media outlets to not only feature in the news but also have a positive image building done through altering and discarding any sort of negative publicity.
News is supposed to be objective, fair and without any biases involved which sets it apart from advertisements that are paid for by corporate entities, governments, organizations or individuals. Yet, what happens when the refinement in the middle of news and promotions begin obscuring, when notices bend over as news that have been paid for, or when “news” is distributed for a specific government official by offering article spaces? In such situations, the reader or the viewer can hardly distinguish between news reports and advertisements/advertorials. The debate on the concept of paid news has been constructed around the contention that it’s a major setback for democracy. It violates the ethical principles of journalism and works in the interest of a few, rather than stating a clearer public interest. Lot of eminent public personality have come forward with the negative effects of the concept of paid news in Indian media. On 5th March 2010, the concern was voiced in the Rajya Sabha when Sitaram Yechuri of CPI (M) moved a call attention motion referring to the concept of “Paid News” as a “negation of parliamentary democracy”. In the elections held in November and December 2012 to Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat state assemblies, the election commission came across 211 suspected cases of paid news in Himachal, of which 91 were confirmed later.

Given the kind of clamorous dishonest practices being followed in different levels of the mass media in India during recent times, the levels of credibility and trust in newspapers and television channels are bound to fall further, all of which would be dangerously alarming to building of a vibrant and responsive democracy in the country. The distribution or telecast of “paid news” have not simply undermined popular government in India but rather likewise discolored the nation’s notoriety for being outside daily papers have as of now begun expounding on, and remarking unfavorably on, such misbehaviors.


Author: Sonika


Best examples of whistle-blower protection across the world

Whistle-blower is a man who reveals any kind of information or activity that is respected unlawful, dishonest, or not conform within an affiliation that is either private or open. The information of asserted wrongdoing can be requested from different perspectives: encroachment of association plan/rules, law, regulation, or danger to open interest/national security, furthermore blackmail, and debasement. The individuals who get the chance to be witnesses can bring information or attestations to surface either inside or remotely. Inside, A Whistle-blower can bring his/her claims to the thought of different people within the impugned affiliation. Remotely, a witness can contact in order to bring charges to light an untouchable outside of a faulted affiliation. She/he can join with the media, government, law approval, or the people who are concerned. Whistle-blower moreover stands up to solidified kickback/striking once again from the people who are rebuked or charged for wrongdoing.


Empowering the whistle blowing on demonstrations of suspected defilement is crucial in shielding open hobby and advancing a society of open responsibility and trustworthiness. Open authorities have entry to forward data concerning their work environments’ practices, and are generally the first to perceive wrongdoings. In many purviews, it is a commitment for them to report defilement and different acts of neglect. Notwithstanding, open authorities who report wrongdoings might be liable to intimidation, badgering, release and brutality by their kindred authorities or bosses. In numerous nations, shriek blowing is even connected with injustice or spying. This thought might be the consequence of the impact of social undertones and, thus, might likewise affect singular professions and on the inner authoritative society. Thus, consolation of whistle blowing must be connected with the relating security for the informant.


Presently, in the event that we investigate couple of illustrations of Whistle-blowers, Peter Buxtun uncovered data uncovering that the central government intentionally denied restorative treatment to dark men, generally tenant farmers, experiencing syphilis. Regardless of the innovation of penicillin in the 1940s and boundless instruction on avoidance in the 1960s, these men were permitted to endure, contaminate their wives and kids, and pass on so that the national government could direct post-mortem examinations for medicinal exploration. Just about 400 men unwittingly took an interest in the trials somewhere around 1932 and 1972.This is a case of government Whistle-blower. Presently, we take a sample of corporate Whistle-blower; The Enron informant was Sherron Watkins. She was an Enron official when she found bookkeeping anomalies demonstrating that the organization had deliberately expanded the estimation of its stock. Enron was the seventh biggest organization in the country at the time. As a consequence of the misleading, a great many individuals lost employments, benefits, retirement reserves and different ventures. A large number of these individuals, similar to those holding venture portfolios through the University of California, weren’t connected with Enron by any stretch of the imagination.


Another great case of Whistle-blower is of Victory was practically around the bend, the modelers of the Vietnam War kept up in their open explanations. Secretly, nonetheless, they were adding to an all encompassing investigation of US-Vietnam relations that recounted an altogether different story. Starting in 1969, military investigator Daniel Ellsberg started photocopying the Department of Defense archives that showed stiff-necked double dealing with respect to four White Houses. Among the highlights of the Pentagon Papers was data on the mystery besieging effort of Cambodia. Ellsberg gave the records over to The New York Times in 1971, and charges brought against him under the Espionage Act of 1917 were soon released. Presently in the event that we discuss Israeli Nuclear project 1986. As the solitary Jewish popular government in the Middle East, Israel has constantly confronted a testing security environment. Its key refusal to recognize its atomic project was convoluted when specialist Mordechai Vanunu identifies with The Sunday Times of London in 1986.Acting on an ethical resistance to weapons of mass devastation, Vanunu gave data that exhibited Israel to have between 100 to 200 atomic weapons.


Author: Kaustubh Sakhyadhar


With the advent of new social media, is the old traditional media struggling to retain its identity and value?

Nowadays, we all have been aware that social media has received a huge effect on your way of life, operational, about the world-at-large. Web 2. 0 websites tend to be many of the most favorite haunts on the internet. They’ve already revolutionized the best way persons talk and play games on the net. This set of social media tools may most likely are powered by intended for sentences, and today’s technology improvements therefore quickly a large number of sectors, including corporations and news media, can easily rarely sustain. Inside the classic entire world, papers, corporations, health systems, or maybe other designs involving major organizations just had to hand out info, and people would likely consume it simply by studying or maybe taking a look at it. Yet this particular apparently with their tried-and-true approach can be altering.

Basically making info available just isn’t sufficient intended for today’s community. Today’s audience assume so that you can opt for exactly what they read, and quite a few think they must be able to lead content material and viewpoints, also. That move, often named this social media trend, just isn’t this dying involving journalism because we constantly recognized it; it’s this beginning of the democratic motion that focuses on some of journalism’s key elements: visibility, trustworthiness, and giving any voice to the one who doesn’t include just one. Quite a few classic and non-traditional press outlets record and discuss how the Web and social media, specifically web 2. 0, include began to noticeably have an effect on announcement organizations and the way they function.

Even though papers at this time encounter an emergency in how to make what is this great worthwhile inside the a digital era, that isn’t this particular report’s major target. Precisely how forms will always make cash may be discussed to dying. Thus, alternatively, this particular record can target the way social media, specifically web 2. 0 sites just like Facebook, offers began to have an effect on what is this great organizations and improved — intended for better or maybe more painful — the way journalists accomplish their own tasks every day. Web 2. 0 lovers are typically excited people, may comparison shop on the mobile devices even though on the inside shops, and are less difficult intended for entrepreneurs to be aware of. Buyers which write-up not often or maybe at times placed, manifested almost all of the brands’ customers, tend to be fewer eager people and are harder to be aware of this can sporadic reviews.

Contrasting social media analytics to classic survey final results can assist entrepreneurs in finding out this inaccuracy involving the research techniques and in analyzing this accuracy and reliability involving final results. Within doing survey today, entrepreneurs ought to consider just one action beyond analyzing outcomes of every single research. It’s today essential to review outcomes of classic research ways to completely new social media research to higher figure out this validity and quite a few correct employs of every system. Quite a few models today execute social media research to rapidly and affordably acquire survey in consumer viewpoint. And some entrepreneurs state social media analytics can easily supplant classic marketing and advertising research, employing each classic and social media strategies can be the most efficient way of survey so that you can have the majority of exact data and best marketplace information and to create the correct employs per form of survey.

Should you were being to talk with a number of sociable marketing and advertising agencies today, the conventional meme of these pitches could be that classic marketing and advertising — we. Elizabeth, printing adverts, airwaves and Television Set advertisements, primary mail, point-of-purchase, Advertising and in many cases hysterical adverts — appear to have been decimated through the onslaught involving direct-to-customer chats by way of social networks. The controversy can be that customers, since several years ago, started to song from a normal marketing and advertising arteries involving enjoyment and marketing even though selecting far more interactive and choice-oriented sales and marketing communications, for instance their own devices, personal computers and sensible patches.

To be a regular practitioner involving sociable marketing and advertising ways to benefit our consumers, I have to consent that social media offers gained its location to be a marketing and advertising tool to cope with. On the other hand, to be an innovative representative using lots of consumers, I’ve got nevertheless to determine this aged tools with the business forever retired to the tool drop just yet. Consequently, you need to logically proper a number of the common myths about marketing and advertising that manage to continue currently.

  • Delusion #1: The internet offers improved anything for all
  • Delusion #2: Social marketing and advertising operates as well because model marketing and advertising
  • Delusion #3: People tend not to observe TELEVISION SET or maybe read mages any longer
  • Delusion #4: “Joining this conversation” along with your purchaser trumps bright forms and situation reports

Help make not any mistake. Traditional press may be undergoing any seashore transform for a long time today. The way many of us does business ten years before is gone for good. Even so, several consumers however uncover worth in classic press with regards to classes. Smart marketing and advertising needs consultants and agencies to identify this particular and not simply throw the newborn out using the bathwater since they don’t have confidence in this bath.


Author: Samiksha Sanghi


Possible ways for Individuals and Organizations to make good and effective use of RTI provisions available in India

It’s been 10 years since the Right to Information (RTI) act appeared. It has certainly satisfied the desire of being a standout amongst the most dynamic and subject agreeable enactment ever in the nation. Notwithstanding as per different worldwide non –profits, the Indian RTI Act is rightly viewed as a standout amongst the most dynamic and propelled laws on the planet and serves as a model for evaluating comparative laws over the world. Number of subjects who up to this point had no chance to get of making inquiries and getting data from the administration transformed into RTI activists and began making inquiries to people with great influence.

By appraisals, around 4 Million (40 Lakh) RTI applications are documented in the nation every year and this number is expanding every year. While these applications could be on different issues and could have been petitioned for a wide range of expected results, the most ideal method for utilizing the RTI act is the following.

  • To address deficiency/delay in service delivery
  • To expose abuse of power/authority, arbitrary decision making etc
  • To seek information that can used for advocacy and other purposes


Numerous periods, native administrations conveyed by the legislature are insufficient. There could be numerous explanations behind the same. It could be because of the absence of proprietorship on the official’s side, absence of comprehension/mindfulness on the native’s side, absence of sufficient preliminary, society of influences, debasement and so on. The goal of looking for data in this classification is to ensure that inadequacy in the administration conveyance is amended and things complete on time.


There are two approaches to handle this issue. The first is to request data that would bring about the conveyance of administration that could be pending for quite a while. This is particularly relevant at the grassroots (managing nearby governments), where qualifications because of the subject are either postponed or never given. The second way is one of the every now and again made inquiries by residents. ‘The street in my settlement is terrible. I need to know the reasons’. In any case, do recollect that RTI just empowers us to look for data which is as of now on record. So the record will clearly not contain why a particular street is awful. The best approach to handle this is to take after the ‘Dissension and RTI’ approach. Each Government office has a grievance/agreeable redressed framework.


Once the data is gotten and there is adequate proof to demonstrate the wrongdoing, one needs to make utilization of the current system in the legislature. One could stop a protest with the State/Central Vigilance commission with all the confirmation. One could likewise approach the ACB/CBI or even Lokayuktha/Lokpal. The complainant can later catch up with these organizations in respect to what happened to these protests and the status of the examination. Furthermore, if the data looked for is identified with debasement at high places and the candidate would not like to go out on a limb, then approach a media office that would be keen on taking this up.


RTI applications with no reason won’t help, on the grounds that they are just going to fill our rack space at home and do nothing. This propensity for thoroughly considering before recording the application will extraordinarily upgrade the utility of the data being looked for, subsequently making the demonstration itself all the more effective. RTI has the ability to modify power mathematical statements, address holes in administration conveyance, uncover the degenerate and so forth, however this is conceivable when we figure out how to utilize it the right way.


Author: Aishwarya Vadnerkar



We can’t say that the Right to expression in article 19 of the Indian constitution is completely under danger or terribly mishandled. Since, media in India is solid. Indian press is one of the freest media on the planet. By constitution, the privilege to the right to speak freely and expression implies the privilege to express one’s own feelings and suppositions unreservedly. “Freely” implies the flexibility of a resident to express his perspectives and sentiment in any possible means including by expressions of mouth, composing, printing, flags, signs, and even by method for quiet. Notwithstanding this, article 19 gives us the privilege to political contradiction. Under Article 19(2) of the Constitution of India, the State might make a law forcing “sensible confinements” on the activity of the privilege to the right to speak freely and expression “in light of a legitimate concern for” people in general.


Despite the fact that the constitution is giving us the privilege to expression, a few segments of IT act are negating this privilege. So we can say the flexibility of expression through advanced media particularly through online networking is undermined. We saw numerous such encounters in the later past like the capture of two young ladies after their dubious facebook post with respect to Shiv sena’s Mumbai bandh. Aseem Trivedi got captured for his post about taunted parliament and debasement in high places. Jadavpur college teacher Ambikesh Mahapatra and his neighbor Subrata Sengupta were captured for professedly circling a toon that satirized West Bengal boss priest Mamta Banerjee. Artist and author Kanwal Bharti was captured by police for posting a message on Facebook that scrutinized the Uttar Pradesh government for suspending IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal, who had taken action against the sand mafia.


The other risk for Right to expression in India would be religious radicals. Indeed, even different state and union governments are not making a solid move against these gatherings, in light of the fact that political gatherings need them amid decisions. So no one can stand firm against them. When we are discussing Right to expression, we ought to see to what amplify this privilege ought to go. The constitution says that, “if there should arise an occurrence of infringement of the sway and trustworthiness, security of the state, well-disposed relations with remote states, open request, profound quality and goodness, scorn of court and prompting to an offense, flexibility of expression can be shortened”. We can essentially say that “Your opportunity to swing your stick closes where my nose starts.”


So we can say that despite the fact that the ‘privilege to expression’ is confronting a few dangers, the privilege to expression is all that much present there in India. However, the particular governments ought to take activity to vanish these dangers and make the constitution all the more effective in all methods.


Author: Arjun Das


Do governments feel bullied or concerned about aggressive media?

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses”-   

Malcolm X


The said question is quite open ended as it leaves a lot of room for debate. There is no iota of doubt regarding the fact that democracy is indeed the best form of government and indeed media is considered the fourth pillar of democracy which critically emphasizes the fact that the importance of media in today’s world cannot be overlooked. But, when one tries to see the bigger picture, many a times, media crosses the boundary which creates a wide gap that needs to be understood in greater detail. One such glaring example of media being aggressive and abusing the very power is media trials. Media trials, as everyone is aware of is the impact of television and newspaper coverage on a person’s reputation by creating a widespread perception of guilt or innocence before, or after, a verdict in a court of law. Media is the body that has been assigned the task of keeping the public informed about the happenings around the world. Not only covering an incident, but also presenting the unmentioned details properly is what media is supposed to do. Unfortunately, the so-called Media in spite of performing its actual duty, nowadays, opts for making information spicy than factual.

The media rather than showing what is in public interest shows what public is interested in and that is the point where the scrutiny of media comes into play. Media nowadays, has tend to become so aggressive that it seldom undermines the credibility of various representatives from the Government that come up on their TV shows, with an ulterior motive that leads to a lot of discrepancies in the functioning of the smooth system towards achieving a better end. With shame and discontentment, I would like to put forth that media houses are purchased by big political parties, who try to favor their motion, which has resulted in loss of transparency due to which the faith from the media is getting faded.

It is a cause of great concern and I strongly feel that governments should raise their concern about media getting aggressive at times, which creates a negative impact on the minds of the citizens. The Law Commission of India published its 200th report on media trials, which has shown study of various countries and the instances wherein, how due to aggressive nature of the media as well the media trials, the judgments delivered by the Courts of law gets severely affected and creates a bad impression.

The role of media is quite crucial and important as it is through the media only that the citizens of the country get enlightened. The effective steps on the part of the government can be to propose effective and stringent legislation so that media could stop crossing boundaries at try to be in its limits so that all the pillars of the democracy namely, the executive, legislative and the judiciary can function in a smooth and effective manner. One last suggestion from my end could be installing proper and effective system of checks and balances which can control the media housing from crossing their limits and strong imposition of media laws throughout the length and breadth of the country so that the democracy which is known for its integrity can be respected.


Author: Shefali Bansal